Hey Guise!

I know we’ve been super low-key the last couple of days. I personally have been exhausted at the end of this campaign and haven’t been updating. I’m sorry about that if you were looking for what’s next!

I can’t believe how far MisSpelled has come. I seriously wrote the first episode in bed in like February and never ever thought it would reach as many of you as it has. I never thought it was going to resonate with so many of you and it has. For that - I am one lucky and grateful human being. Your support, your emails, the notes on reblogs, your comments, and your laughter with us the last few months has been such a gratifying experience. Everything coming out of MisSpelled has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for all of that. We would be absolutely nothing without our YT, FB and (of course) Tumblr fans.

That being said, we wanted to raise 75K in order to bring you guys witchiness on another level. Being an aspiring ‘anything’ in LA is such a weird experience. You are looked down upon if you can’t pay your bills and are a ‘starving artist’ but also scoffed at if you won’t/can’t take work for free. We wanted to be able to pay people a legitimate day rate this time around as well as bring you guys better special effects, longer episodes, consistent schedules of uploads, etc.. We weren’t able to raise the funds necessary to do so obviously. I wanted to ‘go big’ and I think you all did too because the amount of time our campaign was shared had an effect on the internet for sure. Ya’ll were on twitter tweeting to Obama and Nasa so…=D

::Regina George voice:: We’re not going to stop trying to make MisSpelled happen. We are thinking about trying to raise funds again (super soon…like within a week soon). Whatever we get from that campaign we will try to finish season 1 with it. If we don’t get enough to culminate the series we will bring you as many episodes as we can. It will take a bit though. We are planning on running the campaign in October. With people going away and visiting family for Thanksgiving and Christmas…we don’t know yet what that will do to our schedule.

We love you guys. We love MisSpelled. We want to bring you more content.

Stay tuned, yo.

— Lindsey <3


What I’m Backing: MisSpelled by Lindsey McDowell (et all)


Okay, so there were only supposed to be two of these this week, and then a project in its last legs was brought to my attention and oh my gosh, this needs to happen. Yesterday.

MisSpelled: A Fantastical Witchy Web Series already has four episodes (plus a prologue) and a lot of bonus content from the creators and actors on their channel. But, now they need funding for the rest of season one. It’s…

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